The Spin Doctor is in!

Introducing the most revolutionary Dynavap Stems available today. The worlds first spinning stem. No more fumbling around trying to heat evenly. The Spin Doctor makes heating your Dynavap with a torch more evenly and effective then ever before, The Spin Doctor is a 2 piece design that incoporates a non lubricated ceramic ball bearing at the center. Allowing you to spin freely!

Both Stainless Steel and Titanium Spin Doctors are Now V1.1

More refined then V1 and now has a much smaller through hole then before. Resulting in much better vapor production.

Video in Action

Our Story

Machinist by trade, I design and manufacture my products in my shop in New Jersey. I design products for vaping and smoking. I mainly work with Titanium and Stainless Steel. I also do all my own anodizing. Custom anodizing available!